Sunscreen-Use Protects p53 Gene That Fights Cancer

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A new study published yesterday by Queensland University of Technology has undertaken the world’s first human study that assesses the impact of sunscreen at the molecular level. Researchers have found that sunscreen not only provides 100% protection against all 3 types of skin cancer (basel cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and malignant melanoma), but it … Continue reading

New UV Filters Developed From Australian Coral

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Here is some breaking news regarding UV filters. Scientists in Australia have developed a new sunscreen that mimics the way Great Barrier Reef corals protect themselves from UV light. Corals have been able to survive the intense harsh sunlight of Queensland for millions of years in shallow waters. So scientists for the past two years … Continue reading

Sunscreen Does Reduce Skin Aging – Proof here!

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The proper use of sunscreen is known to help protect you from skin cancer and scorching sunburns. And skin care manufacturers have advertised that it also helps prevent premature aging through the blockage of skin absorption of UVA/UVB sun radiation. Well a study published today by Australian researchers is now the first to actually quantify … Continue reading

Sunscreen and Melanoma Skin Cancer Facts

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People who do not regularly use sunscreen protection may have to think twice after reading this. Studies have just come out stating that regular use of sunscreen in the first 18 years of life can reduce the lifetime risk of non-melanoma skin cancers by 80%! Why is this? It’s because sunburn encountered during childhood is … Continue reading

Bacon Sunscreen Anyone?

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Bacon Cheeseburger. Bacon with Eggs. Bacon Ketchup. Now Bacon Sunscreen? Yes! J&D’s Foods has announced plans for a SPF 30 sunscreen priced at $9.99. Shipping sometime in June, you can pre-order yours today. Regarding the ingredient list, we are not sure what’s in it. Will it roast you in the sun like bacon on the … Continue reading

Nanoparticles and Sunscreens

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There has been much debate over whether Chemical sunscreens (ie. may contain Avobenzene) or Physical blockers (ie. contain zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) are safer than the other and more protective on your skin from harmful uv rays. Some people vote for the physical sunscreens because their natural active ingredients reflect and scatter UV radiation … Continue reading

Review of TwinLuxe’s Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer

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TwinLuxe Anti-Aing SPF Moisturizer – Product Review There are a lot of excellent and effective sunscreens being developed these days from the big manufacturers like Coppertone and Nivea to the much smaller top niche players like prestige skincare brand TwinLuxe. I got my hands on TwinLuxe’s Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer (their newly released 3-in-1 functioning wrinkle … Continue reading

Can Your Sunscreen Burst Into Flames on Skin?

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Well the answer apparently is YES. Energizer Holdings, the conglomerate that manufactures the Banana Boat line, officially announced October 19, 2012 that certain spray-on sunscreens they manufacture (23 of them) can burst into flames when applied onto the user’s skin when he/she comes into contact with a spark or flame before the spray is completely … Continue reading

Wearing Makeup with Sunscreen Protection Enough?

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Multi-use beauty and skin care products are fantastic. For example, why buy an anti-aging cream and a separate face moisturizer when you can buy an anti-aging moisturizing facial lotion? Because of technological advances in the beauty industry and the growing demand for them by consumers, multi-purpose products are hitting the shelves by storm. One of … Continue reading

3 Shocking Truths About Sunscreens & Sun Exposure

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There are so many myths and false rumors being spread around about top rated sunscreens and damaging sun light exposure. I will bet that if you take time to ask random people on the sidewalk for information about the best face sunscreens of 2012 and UV protection a handful of nonsense will be spewing out … Continue reading